Honeywell Sets Trend with Launch of Managed DA System

Honeywell Sets Trend with Launch of Managed DA System

Honeywell recently announced the launch of a managed distribution automation platform that will enable third-party smart grid services. Three power providers in the U.S. have so far opted for Honeywell’s smart grid management system and more are likely to follow suit. The smart grid management system represents an easier way of dealing with the technical complications of managing smart grid systems and is thus likely to be a trendsetter in the power sector in the coming years.

Rise of Managed Distribution Automation Systems could Level Playing Field

Smaller utilities are the key target for Honeywell’s new launches, with advanced metering and smart grid software often being too expensive for smaller entities to sustainably manage. Apart from the costs of physically installing smart grid equipment, the lack of trained personnel to accurately determine the readings and fully utilize the data to make the respective changes to the systems has also been a major reason for utilities opting to stick with the imprecise but convenient conventional means of power distribution. Both these shortcomings are overcome by third party platforms such as Honeywell’s managed distribution automation system.

Faster Outage Recovery, Accurate Billing Key Benefits of Distribution Automation Systems

Power utilities in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, and St. John, Kansas have been the first municipal customers for Honeywell’s system, with Toppenish, Washington-based Yakama Power also becoming a subscriber. Besides reduced operating expenses, distribution automation systems enable accurate billing as well as greater ease to locate and solve a problem. Digital monitoring is crucial in the latter, as discovering an outage point manually can be too time-consuming. The consistency and reliability of power distribution by utilities is helped no end by the adoption of distribution automation systems.

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