Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Machines Market – The Increasing Adoption of Hybrid Additive-Manufacturing Machines

The hybrid additive-manufacturing machines (HAM) market is primarily driven by the increasing adoption of hybrid additive-manufacturing machines across a wide range of industry verticals such as heavy industry, automotive, aerospace, and medical. HAM machines utilize additive and subtractive manufacturing in tandem for the manufacturing of complex components that have complex geometries, which are difficult to manufacture by traditional manufacturing. Additionally, HAM machines combine the advantages of both laser cladding as well as CNC milling for the manufacturing of functional products.

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The manufacturing of components by HAM machines results into savings of the material being used for the manufacturing, reduced lead time, and reduced time to market for the product being manufactured. Rising awareness among the OEMs of various industry verticals regarding the advantages associated with HAM machines is further driving the hybrid additive-manufacturing machines market. HAM machines can be utilized for manufacturing of various automotive components such as axles, engine pistons, shafts, and automotive body parts.

The key trends prevalent in the hybrid additive-manufacturing machines market is the launching of new product models into the market in a bid to gain a competitive edge over competitors. For instance, in June 2016, Matsuura Machinery Corporation Ltd launched its HAM model LUMEX Avance-25. This new model is expected to take Matsuura’s hybrid 3D metal printing and milling technology into new markets. Moreover, major players in the additive manufacturing space are focusing on innovation and development of technologically advanced products and cost-effective products so that the machines are affordable to a majority of industries and not just large industries.

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Based on the application, the global hybrid additive-manufacturing machines market has been segmented into repair, production, and prototype. In terms of revenue, the repair segment is expected to hold a major share of the market in 2018. Hybrid additive-manufacturing machines are increasingly being utilized for the production of fully functional parts that are complex in design and are difficult to manufacture by conventional manufacturing methods. However, production is yet to be the mainstream application, as HAM

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