Hydrogen could Replace 30% of UK’s Natural Gas


A research conducted at the University of Swansea has pointed to favourable developments in the energy sector of the UK. The need for natural gas across the region could soon be met through hydrogen which is a carbon-free and environment-friendly fuel. The research supported the assertions with strong arguments with regards to the energy sector of the UK. The carbon dioxide emission in the UK could be reduced by 18% over the coming years, and this is a positive sign for the energy sector of the region. The prediction made by the researchers at the University does not suggest any changes to the ovens and boilers of the nation. Hence, the change is about to take place without any disruptions to the technologies used for harnessing natural gas.

Current Dynamics

The usage of domestic gas accounts for 9% of the total carbon emission in the UK. To counter emissions and reduce the negative toll on the environment, researchers have made strategic efforts to reduce the usage of natural gas across the globe. The enriching of natural gas with hydrogen seems like a viable option for reducing the total emissions. Modern-day appliances have been tested to find that they work well with hydrogen-enriched natural gas.

Usage across UK

In Netherlands and Germany, several areas already use hydrogen-enriched natural gas to reduce emissions. The government has backed a £600m project to reduce carbon emissions in the UK by enriching natural gas with hydrogen. The research found that natural gas could be enriched with hydrogen by 30% considering all the instabilities that could occur.

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