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Market Outlook: Hydrolyzed Keratin Market

Hydrolyzed keratin is a mixture of peptide and free amino acids obtained from sheep. Hydrolyzed keratin is an active ingredient used in various types of cosmetic products such as hair care, skin care, nail care and other similar products. In the global personal care and cosmetics market, the demand for Hydrolyzed keratin is increasing owing to its various functional properties. Hydrolyzed keratin plays a functioning role as humectants, biological additives, as an antistatic agent and as a hair and nail conditioning agent. Hydrolyzed keratin plays a significant role in the development of healthy tissues and incorporates by cosmetic and personal care manufacturers in product solutions in order to enhance well-being, health, and beauty. Currently, the demand for hydrolyzed keratin is high among hair treatment products as it helps in strengthening and nourishing of hair, reduces hair fall, and restores the hair structure. The demand for hydrolyzed keratin is rising among skin care and hair care manufacturers as it provides moisturizing benefits to skin and hair. In the global hydrolyzed keratin market, the demand for Hydrolyzed keratin is increasing especially among North America and European cosmetics and personal care manufacturers.

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Reasons for Covering Hydrolyzed Keratin as a Title

Consumers are seeking products that provide extra added benefits or add nutritional content. For instance, the demand for hydrolyzed keratin is increasing among skin care and hair care products as hydrolyzed keratin revitalize the natural protective layer of hairs, using of hydrolyzed keratin in hair care helps to rebuild tensile strength and minimizes the hair fall. Nowadays, consumers are more conscious towards ingredients used in cosmetic products. In the global market, the demand for personal care and cosmetics products is expected to increase at the higher growth in the developing economies. Increasing purchasing power across the region is broadening the consumer base for cosmetics and owing to this the demand for shampoo, hair conditioner, hair treatment products, body lotion, moisturizer, cleanser, color cosmetics, body lotion, and others. Owing to this the demand for hydrolyzed keratin is increasing among skin care and hair care manufacturers or primarily in non-coloring hair care products. In addition, the demand for hydrolyzed keratin is also increasing as an ingredient free from harmful chemicals. As an increasing use of chemicals and harmful substances in cosmetics and personal care products and their harmful effects has influenced the consumers to buy hair care and skin care products which are natural, organic or free from harmful ingredients.

Global Hydrolyzed Keratin Market: Key Players

Some of the key players operating in the business of hydrolyzed keratin market are Proteina, Hefei TNJ Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Eunice, Inc., Universal Preserv-A-Chem Inc., BASF, Active Concepts LLC, Kerline Srl, MakingCosmetics Inc., Greentech, and others.

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