Initiating Chemical Reactions through Light-Exposed Artificial Cells

Light-Exposed Artificial Cells

Chemical reactions can be controlled by enclosing light-exposed artificial cells in a membrane. These artificial cells come in handy for performing various functions in the human body such as drug synthesis and production of important chemicals. Biological cells exhibit properties that make it difficult to control the chemical reactions involving Light-Exposed Artificial Cells. Hence, the scientists use artificial cells for experiments and research as these cell offer greater control during chemical reactions. Vesicles, the containers used for storing artificial cells, are necessary for accentuating the chemical reactions involving artificial cells. A team of researchers at Imperial College London produced a host of tiny vesicles that react to light and release the materials inside their membrane. Furthermore, the researchers enclosed all of these tiny vesicles in a large vesicle that is inert to light. This gave a confined space for the release of materials inside the small vesicles, which in turn initiated a chemical reaction inside the large vesicle.

Artificial Cell Theories

The researchers asserted that the creation of a confined space for the artificial cells to react could open avenues for a range of other chemical reactions. Artificial cells hold tremendous potential with regards to the study of biological processes, drug therapies, and biosensors. The researchers have also been working towards coupling the artificial cells with biological cells, and grouping artificial cells to form ‘tissues’.

Uses in Biotechnology and Medicine

The ability to generate chemical reactions from artificial cells could prove to be helpful for several fields such as life sciences, medicine, and biotechnology. The production of complex molecules through multi-step reactions of artificial cells forms the basis for a number of processes across various fields.

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