Introduction of Smart Inks: A Promising Step in 3D Printing Industry

Smart Inks

The 3D printing industry has been focusing on innovations and new product development in the last few years. The launch of new products offers promising growth opportunities, which is likely to take a new step in the overall printing industry. The development of smart inks that converts the 3D printed structure into specific objects has been developed by researchers at Dartmouth College. The printed objects can change color as well as their shape.

Smart Ink to Gain Immense Popularity with Rising Number of Applications

An assistant professor at Dartmouth, Chenfeng Ke states that the several 3D printing structures are only shapes and do not reflect any molecular properties of the material. However, with the introduction of smart inks, now printing of smart objects is now possible. The increasing number of applications of 3D printing is one of the key factors expected to encourage the growth of the overall market in the next few years.

The use of smart inks for 3D printing allows to reduce the size of an object and helps in preserving its functional features. In addition to this, it allows to increase the resolution of the object, thus makes it possible for inexpensive and normal printers to print objects with high resolution. The researchers are expecting that smart ink will find application in diverse sectors. It is projected to be used majorly by material chemists, 3D printing engineers, and several others, who are interested in bringing out the functional materials into the 3D printing industry.

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