ION Launches Multi-Client Program for 3D Reimaging in Basins offshore Brazil

ION Launches Multi-Client Program for 3D Reimaging in Basins offshore Brazil

ION Geophysical Corporation, a geoscience company based in Texas, U.S., and a prominent provider of seismic solutions, announced in August 2, 2017 an elaborate 3D broadband reimaging program in basins offshore Brazil. Known as the Picanha program, this provides a regionally calibrated and consistently imaged 3D dataset across the Campos and Santos basins. The program encapsulates technologies and solutions to reprocess and enable consistent depth imaging of data from more than 50 interconnected public-domain 3D surveys in over 100,000 sq km of contiguous 3D area.

Picanha to Help in Identifying Current and Future Exploration Opportunities

The program will provide a comprehensive 3D framework to enable geological and geophysical teams to gain a holistic insight into the complex petroleum systems of Campos and Santos basins, believes the company. This is likely to prove helpful for oil and gas companies identify promising prospects by providing a better comprehension of the region’s tectonic architecture ahead of forthcoming ANP license rounds.

Equipped with Fast Track 3D products, Picanha will provide consistently-imaged 3D data sets to enable exploration teams to get clearer imaging of crust and faults. The program will be deployed in several phases, and the deployment will be get completed by December this year.

ION’s Local Expertise to Assist E&P Companies Focusing on Basins Offshore Brazil

According to ION, operators around the world are taking intensive interest in exploring petroleum systems in basins offshore Brazil. With this announcement, several exploration and production companies can unleash the potential of the vast local experience of ION. Furthermore, client companies can gain access to its vast technological expertise to evaluate risks and identify a portfolio of opportunities for current and future explorations.

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