How IoT Solutions Revolutionizing Global Oil & Gas Industry?

How IoT Solutions Revolutionizing Global Oil & Gas Industry?

With the increasing number of energy exploration enterprises are turning to automation, in an effort to lower the operation and maintenance costs as well as cope up the lack of skilled labor, they have to incur in the process, the global market for Internet of things (IoT) solutions for the oil and gas industry is witnessing a positive growth. An upward movement in the market can be observed with many energy firms shifting from their traditional practices to a more analytical performance-powered approach. The integration of IoT solutions in oil and gas exploration has reduced the risks of failures and delays. This, as a result, is reflecting greatly on the demand for IoT solutions from energy companies across the world, states an analyst at Transparency Market Research (TMR).

In this blog post, researchers at TMR answer some of the queries about the global market for IoT for the oil and gas industry:

What are the key factors that influences the global market for IoT solutions for oil and gas?

The augmenting demand for natural gas is having a tremendous effect on the demand for IoT solutions in the oil and gas industry. The minimal environment polluting properties of natural gas has propelled its demand across the world, which is resulting in increased operations for the exploration of crude oil, leading to a remarkable rise in the application of IoT solution in oil and gas exploration operations. Apart from this, the escalating concerns over safety at operation sites is also fueling the adoption of IoT solutions in the oil and gas industry.

What are the main application areas for IoT Solutions in the oil and gas industry?

Majorly, IoT solutions find significant application in downstream solutions, midstream solutions, and midstream solutions. Upstream oil and gas companies are involved in the operations of crude oil exploration and production. With the augmenting demand for crude oil across the world, the need for IoT solutions in upstream companies is increasing at a much higher rate than midstream and downstream ones and the trend is expected to continue over the forthcoming years.

Which of the regional markets for IoT solutions for oil and gas is likely to lead the global market in future?

North America, among all, is dominating the global market for IoT solutions, thanks to the high production of crude oil. With the U.S. becoming a prominent exporter of fossil energy and the presence of advanced infrastructure for technological development, the regional market is anticipated to retain its position over the next few years. Amongst other, the Middle East and Africa market, with abundance of oil, is projected to report lucrative opportunity for the growth of the global market in the near future.

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