Jaycubes Market Driven by Increasing demand for agrochemicals


In today’s scenario, the packaging is considered to be a necessity of the world and that’s why always innovation is done in the packaging industry and produce a product like jaycubes. Jaycubes are no longer used only for the purpose of protecting the liquid from the damage, but it has some special quality such as durability, lightweight and crack resistance. Jaycubes are similar to the rectangular bottle which is made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Jaycubes is particularly used for the packaging of liquids such as chemicals, detergents etc. and powders, it protects the contamination of gases and improves the shelf-life of the product that are packed in jaycubes.

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Excellent chemical resistance to most acids and alcohols makes this container the first choice of the user and rectangular shape makes it easy to fit in the freezer for storage. It saves the transportation cost because it is compact packable, and therefore no space is wasted, which is similar to the square bottom bottle. Due to the several advantages mentioned above the jaycubes market is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR in near future.

There are some factors which contribute to the growth of the jaycubes market, tamper evident neck is one of them. Tamper evident neck provides the facility of easy pouring of liquids and powders without waste, it may be the reason for gaining the popularity and drive the market positively. In addition to that, increasing demand for agrochemicals may be the point of concern for the growth of the jaycubes market. High demand by the chemical and pharmaceutical industry drives the jaycubes market positively.

Jaycubes save the storage space as it provides compact packaging, so it is able to reduce the transportation cost. It is also a considerable factor which plays a key role in the stagnant growth of the jaycubes market. There are several alternative solutions available in the market for the packaging of liquids and powders, so it may affect the sluggish growth of the jaycubes market.

Few of the key players identified across the globe in the jaycubes market are as follows – Weener Empire Plastics Pvt. Ltd., Berry Global Group Inc., Alpha Packaging, CJK Packaging Limited, Cambrian Packaging, Dormex Containers Ltd., Alpha Polymers Teck Private Limited etc.

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