Key Topics at Offshore Wind Executive Summit

Key Topics at Offshore Wind Executive Summit

The Offshore Wind Executive Summit was held recently in Houston, where representatives of top energy firms came together to discuss some of the key topics that are pressing on the oil and gas sector today. Members from US Wind, Avangrid/Iberdrola, DONG Energy, and Statoil, among others, got to the brass tacks regarding why they need to start off into offshore wind energy despite spending so many years in the oil and gas sector.

Conventional Oil and Gas Companies Taking Renewables Seriously

The move for producers of conventional fuels and related products to move into greener solutions has been a topic of wide debate over the recent past. The leaders in the oil and gas sector, meanwhile, are starting to believe more in the profitability of renewables and several are of the opinion that moving early on into this field could help them maximize profits. Offshore wind energy generation was the primary field that most of these companies are looking into. Megan Kieser of Statoil, for instance, stated that her company recently employed a full-time team into a new division, named Statoil New Energy Solutions. The team is working towards creating a large scale and profitable business for the company in offshore wind.

More Names to Join in the Race

Thomas Brostrom of DONG Energy stated that offshore wind is quickly becoming serious business for his company. Danish Oil and Gas, or DONG, was a completely different company than what is now, with over 80 percent of its company in offshore wind.

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