Latest Insights on Motor Soft Starter Market for Forecast Period 2017 – 2026

Motor Soft Starter Market: Overview

Motor soft starters are used with AC electrical motors to reduce the load and torque for a power train temporarily. This is done to reduce the mechanical stress and increase the durability of the motor. The market is expected to grow during the forecast period.

The motor soft starter market is being driven the increasing application of these systems in major industries. The use of motor soft starter ensures smooth starting by controlling the torque for gradual acceleration of the drive system. This prevents vibrations and extends the life of the mechanical components. Furthermore the motor soft starter reduces the starting current in order to achieve break away and holds back the current during acceleration of the drive system. As a result, the electrical equipment is protected from thermal, mechanical or electrical stress.

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In addition, the soft starter is equipped with a microprocessor and software that monitors and controls the speed which economizes the energy irrespective of the load. Moreover, the embedded software does not require supervision and it monitors the motor automatically thereby reducing the cost of employee supervisors. In addition, the soft motors are widely application across several areas such as cement industries, steel plants, rubber and plastic industries and power sector among others.

However, there are several factors that will hinder the market from growth. The motor soft starters are primarily used to limit the inrush current to the motor which keeps the grid system stable. This also prevents the drop in grid voltage. But, if the grid voltage is very high, then the equipment sensitive to the voltage can drop out. This can create problems for grid users. In such a situation, a Direct on Line (DOL) starters are more preferred as they are less expensive. Furthermore, the variable frequency drives are far more popular when it comes to technology and efficiency.

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Motor Soft Starter Market: Segmentation

The motor soft starters are gradually finding their application in several fields such as rubber and plastic, steel and power sector among other. Based on the growth of these industries, the market is expected to witness steady growth during the forecast period.

The market has been segmented in terms, of power rating, application and geography. In terms of power rating the motor soft starters can be categorized into power rating up to 100 kilo volt and power rating above 100 kilo volt. By applications, the market has been segregated into steel industries, paper and pulp factories, cement industries, rubber industries, machine tool applications, power sector and textile industries among others.

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