Licensed Assisted Access Helps SK Telecom Reach 1Gbps Data Speed

Licensed Assisted Access Helps SK Telecom Reach 1Gbps Data Speed

SK Telecom, a leading South Korea mobile operator, has reached data speeds of 1 Gbps in a mobile broadband test conducted with the application of Licensed Assisted Access technology by Ericsson. The test performed indoors has been considered to be a phenomenal achievement for SK Telecom with the new technology in the offering. Licensed Assisted Access exploits the best of both worlds, i.e. licensed and unlicensed long-term evolution (LTE) spectrums. Alongside the 4×4 multiple input multiple output (MIMO) functionality of Ericsson, the test was conducted with the use of three Wi-Fi 20MHz bands and one LTE 20MHz band.

Ericsson’s Licensed Assisted Access to Open Door for 5G Evolution

SK Telecom’s Head of Network Research and Development, Park Jin-hyo has said that the company will continue developing its infrastructure to help users enjoy 5G service as soon as possible. Jin-hyo has also considered Licensed Assisted Access tested by SK Telecom as an opening to a 5G evolution. Deeming video as a dominant factor for the increase in global mobile data traffic by 2022, Patrick Johansson, Ericsson-LG CEO, has stated that the company’s new solution will offer an improved user experience for SK Telecom customers while considering South Korea as part of the development.

Licensed Assisted Access could be a cutting-edge technology to help broadband users leverage inherent LTE benefits when automatically connected to Wi-Fi. The application of Listen-Before-Talk in both the LTE and Wi-Fi networks was implemented during the test with the intention of reducing resource contention and maximizing the consumption of the available spectrum. With a view to increase the efficiency of the Wi-Fi network, the LTE-based transmission control by Ericsson was employed.

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