Maersk Drilling and GE Marine to Escalate Digital Partnership

Maersk Drilling and GE Marine to Escalate Digital Partnership

After the success of their pilot project, Maersk Drilling and GE Marine have decided to extend their digital partnership, aspiring to formulate the next stepping stone in the field of innovative and efficient services in the offshore drilling market and collaborate to offer increased value for its customers via improved productivity.

This extension of the partnership between GE Marine and Maersk Drilling is expected to increment the scope of their previous pilot project, which offered one vessel, one asset, for one year, up to nine consequent vessels, with a target of 110 key equipment assets, including draw works, top drive, and thrusters as well as main engines for an extended contract period. GE’s APM (Asset Performance Management) solution will be aimed to offer consistent and foreseeable drilling performances across all the selected units under Maersk’s Drilling Fleet.

Aim is to Incremented Productivity and Ease Rig Maintenance

As per the CIO of Maersk Drilling, their association with GE will not only create incremented values for the two companies involved, it will also be beneficial for the offshore drilling industry at the same time. Jesper Hansen believes that systematic implementation of reliability-driven maintenance analytics and digitalization will be highly useful for the industry. The collaboration will enable sharing of data to reduce wastage across the value chain and thereby enhance the efficiency.

The digitalization of the drilling activity will offer added value to the customers by the way of curtailing the overall well cost, whereas the analytics of the rig will reduce deviations as well as increment productivity during drilling operating such as tripping in, tripping out, drilling, pulling riser, and running riser. The collaboration is also hopeful of offering predictive maintenance via virtual representation of essential equipment on the rig, with the help of sensor.

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