Making Silicon-Based Photovoltaic Cells to Become a Reality

Silicon-Based Photovoltaic Cells

A team of researchers at Aalto University made a successful attempt at drawing an efficient model of solar cells back in 2011. The same model is in the process of becoming a full-fledged system that can help in enhancing the growth prospects of the global solar industry. The researchers had earlier shown that the use of atomic layer deposition could help in getting a 22% efficiency for nanostructured solar cells. Taking the results of the research further, the same team of researchers has collaborated with several industry leaders and European scientists to produce an industrial line of Silicon-Based Photovoltaic Cells. The prototypes for the desired cells have already been designed and the manufacture of these cells is projected to overhaul the energy sector.

Use of Black Silicon in Photovoltaic Cells

The use of black silicon in the photovoltaic industry been on a rise in recent times, and for this reason, the researchers believe this is an apt time for launching the new kind of Silicon-Based Photovoltaic Cells. Furthermore, the use of multicrystalline silicon for diamond-wire sewing is expected to bring down cost and reduce the negative impact on the environment. Despite these apparent advantages that black silicon offers, the presence of shallow nanostructures in this silicon necessitates the presence of an antireflection coating.

Solutions Given by Researchers

The researchers at Aalto University are aiming to make nanostructures that are similar to a sewing needle in order to make up for the absence of an antireflection coating. However, industrial robots come into play, the delicate structure of these nanostructures would be subject to damage.

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