Manufacturing Metal Circuits through Newspaper Printing Techniques

Manufacturing Metal Circuits

Several methods have been used to manufacture electronic products, and each of them has been focused at manufacturing economical and effective products. A team of researchers at Purdue University have devised a new method to manufacturing metal circuits by employing the same technique as is done to print newspaper. It is believed that the new method would help in manufacturing flexible and smooth metals which could in turn accelerate the manufacture of electronic devices. The new method continues to deploy the previously used tools for metal manufacturing but changes the precision dynamics of the process by employing roll-to-roll techniques used in newspaper printing. The current method used for manufacturing the internal circuits of laptops and cell phones often renders the surface of the circuit abrasive and rough. This reduces the battery life of the electronic device and also affects its performance.

Identifying the Need

The researchers have identified the need to have smaller metal components that can help in manufacturing ultrafast devices. In order to manufacture devices with smaller metal components, there is a need to have mouldable materials of the order of nano-scales. The researchers of the study state that the latest technology calls for the Manufacturing Metal Circuits and sheets that are thinner or smaller than the size of the grains that the metal is made up of.


The researchers have used carbon dioxide lasers in order to cut down metals into small metallic circuits. In this way, they have succeeded in attaining lower resolution and smoother surface for metallic circuits. The researchers have expounded that their rol-to-roll technique for manufacturing metallic sheets could also pave way for the manufacture of touch screen devices with nano-structures.

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