MeadCo Introduces ScriptX 8.0 for Customers in Oil & Gas Industry

MeadCo Introduces ScriptX 8.0 for Customers in Oil & Gas Industry

MeadCo, a U.K-based company specializing in the development of web-technology utilities and application tools for Microsoft Windows, has in April, 2017 launched ScriptX 8.0 to support the latest printing technology in the oil and gas industry. The new release is especially designed for the Microsoft’s newest browser, Internet Explorer (IE) 11, and promises to support its licensees for any update or newer version Microsoft may introduce in the coming years.

The new offering arose to address the need of MeadCo’s customers in the oil and gas industry, who seeks to adopt the latest printing technology. Some of the foremost benefits include a consistent formatting and better appearance of the printed output of the content hosted on any local or networked printer.

New Release Ensures Consistent Appearance and Formatting of Printing Output

ScriptX 8.0 enables the printing from any networked or local device, irrespective of the version of the IE run by the client computers, for all its customers in the oil and gas industry. Files in a variety of formats such as HTML and PDF forms, and certification documents, daily reports, and equipment lists can be printed with a consistent appearance any number of times.

The advancement in the new release mainly includes the key installers being dramatically reduced in file size and a new feature to control the ‘smallest scale’ factor. As stated by the CEO of MeadCo, ScriptX 8.0 is the optimum option for all its clients in the oil and gas sector who have transitioned to advanced IE 11 versions.

Meanwhile, the company stated that it will continue to offer technical support, including bug fixes and security updates, to clients that have been using ScriptX on older versions of Microsoft IE.

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