Medical Stickers to Replace Medicines for Heart Patients and Athletes

Medical Stickers

Surgeries relating to the heart require grave attention, and recovering after a major surgery remains a matter of apprehension for the patients. A research conducted at Purdue University has found that a simple medical stickers could solve a lot of problems of patients who undergo heart surgeries. The findings of the research conducted by a team of researchers and experts at the University were published in ACS Advanced Materials and Interfaces Journal. The research shows that specially-designed medical stickers may replace personalised medicines, thus, reducing the cost incurred on purchasing high-end and expensive medicines. The research was led by Ramses Martinez who is an assistant professor at the school of industrial and biomedical engineering at Purdue University.

Characteristics of Medical Stickers

Made out of cellulose, these “smart stickers” are biocompatible and can provide information about a patient’s activity, health risks, and other health parameters. Furthermore, the medical practitioners can use these stickers to analyse the sleeping patterns of patients and prescribe a course of action accordingly. Furthermore, these stickers can also be useful for sportspersons and athlete who need to regulate their health parameters during various strenuous activites.

Purdue Making Giant Strides

The celebration of Purdue’s 150th University became the launch pad for the research; researchers at the University are using their findings to highlight the massive leaps taken by Purdue in medical research over the years. Purdue has been using several standpoints to position as a globally-reckoned center for solving world issues.

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