Microwaved Plastic Expands Lithium sulfur Battery Lifespan

Lithium sulfur Battery

Purdue researchers have discovered a way to expand the lifespan of lithium sulfur battery, which in the process has added bonus to serve a suitable way to recycle plastic.

To tackle plastic landfills, engineers have come up with a new way amidst perpetual initiatives to save the environment, which also helps improve battery life. Researchers at Purdue have found that low density plastic soaked in a solvent that contains sulfur, microwaving it followed by transforming into a carbon scaffold expands lifespan of lithium-sulfur batteries and retains elevated capacity.

The process which was recently published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces showcases that putting plastic soaked in sulfur in a microwave, which includes transparent plastic bags, transforms the substance into the ideal substance for enhancing the lifespan of futuristic batteries to more than 200 charging cycles.

Process for Expanding Battery Lifespan Favorable for Environment as Well

Lithium-sulfur batteries are considered next-generation batteries to replace currently popular lithium ion battery types. Lithium-sulfur batteries are less expensive along with virtues of higher energy-dense than lithium ions to make them desirable for everything from electric vehicles to laptops. But the limitation of lithium-sulfur batteries is that they do not last long, being usable for close to 100 charging cycles.

Plastic no matter if it recycled several times remains on the earth. Efforts to get rid of plastic on earth have been on for a long time, and the new way at least adds value to the process. The need to reduce landfills is as crucial as making lithium-sulfur batteries viable for commercial use. The rising popularity of lithium-sulfur batteries makes it important to expand their lifespan.

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