Military Laser Systems Market: Overview of key Market Forces Propelling and Restraining Market Growth

Contemporary military operating environment needs a wide range of tools to respond to a numerous regular and irregular threats. Also, in certain cases, conventional weapons have proved to be inadequate and therefore their dominance is slowing fading away with technological developments. As a result, countries across the world that are trying to seek predominance in military terms are allocating time and resources to make optimum use of laser technology in weapons and other systems for military applications on land, air, space, maritime, and battlefield. Therefore, the military laser systems market is expected to be driven by the development of laser systems during the forecast period.

Previously, most laser weapons needed a large power supply that were stuck to a permanent base. However, owing to advancements in laser technology, the systems have become small and powerful to serve military applications efficiently. Also, these days, they have unlimited firing capacity and do not need deployed expensive ordinance to operate. Thus, the laser technology available today require no ammunition and can defend lightweight ground vehicles, small sized drones, small attack boats and rockets.

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Key factor driving the growth of the military laser systems market include the increasing awareness of the potential of laser systems in military applications and high investment for its successful execution. Also, several countries are benefitting from low volume and light-weight military laser systems such as laser rangefinders and target designators, thus encouraging others to implement the same and driving the market further.

Restraint affecting the military laser systems market include the need of generation of high power systems while considering mobility and cost factors. However, high research and development budget of military sector is expected to result in a rich diversity of military laser systems resolving the limitation in the long term.

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New opportunity anticipated to boost the military laser systems market include the increasing demand for directed-energy weapons in military applications. These systems are compact and power-efficient and can strike unlimited bullets with the speed of light. They are also capable of stopping air, land, and sea targets in their path. Thus, they are expected to prove as a complementary weapon in battlefields specifically effective in disabling rockets and drones. Leading companies such as Raytheon International Inc. and Lockheed Martin Corporation among others are integrating innovative technologies such as sophisticated beam control and auxiliary technologies in these systems to provide defensive as well as aggressive capabilities against growing threats to military forces and infrastructure making these systems, a commonplace.

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