Mission to Mars Discovers Most Suitable Place for Life in Mars


Scientists working with Mars rover mission of NASA, Mars 2020 have a new finding. They have come across a place that could be one of the most suitable places to search for signs of ancient life. It is Jazero Crater and the rover will make a landing there on February 18, 2021.

Additionally, the study detects very distinct deposits of minerals known as carbonates along the inner edge of Jezero. It is the exact location of the lake that existed nearly 3.5 billion years ago. On earth, carbonates assist in the formation of structures to present in the form of fossil for billions of years. These structures comprise some stromatolites, corals, and seashells.

 Mars 2020 to Build on the Discoveries Made by NASA’s Curiosity Mission

Meanwhile, the chances of presence of stromatolite-like structures on the surface of Mars explain several things. One of them is shorelines of Jezero contain traces of carbonates concentration. As such, it becomes such an important hunting ground for such expeditions.

Mars 2020 is a next generation mission of the NASA. The emphasis of the mission is astrobiology or study of presence of life across the universe. The mission comes with the objective to build of the discoveries made by Curiosity, which is a car-sized rover made to explore the surface of Mars. Findings by curiosity point out the possibilities of existence of life on Mars billions of years ago. One mission of Mars 2020 is to look for the real signs of microbial life that existed millions of years ago. It would take samples of rock core from the planet and will store them in metal tubes there. Future missions would collect and send these samples to the earth for further study.

In addition to looking for signs of life, carbonates could also impart knowledge about the transformation of Mars from containing liquid eater to freezing desert. The paper published on Icarus, a scientific journal covering topics of planetary science.

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