Mobile CDN Market – Strikes Uptake by Increasing the Demand of High-quality Content

Content delivery network is a system of computing devices networked together that cooperate to deliver content to end users, in order to improve scalability, cost efficiency and performance.A mobile content distribution network (Mobile CDN) or mobile content delivery network which is used toenhance the data transfer of end user on any type of mobile network or wireless network.Increasing demand of mobile computation devices with advanced network technologies owing to the increasing development of digitalization is the key factor expected to rise the demand of global Mobile CDN market at an exponential rate during the forecast period.

In addition, mobile CDN network is able to improve the data content and increase fastest delivery efficiency of data. In addition,mobile CDN services and solutions support in achieving earlierdelivery of content as well as reduction in mobile data traffic.Mobile CDN solution helps to reduce excessive information and compress text while uploading and downloading videos on LTE and 3Gnetwork, additional optimizing the mobile device’s networking performance.

Mobile CDN solutions have various advantages which includes reliable delivery of content to the customers anywhere or anytime, reduction of buffer and load times to improve to enhance the end user experience.Global Mobile Content Distribution Network (Mobile CDN)market has been bifurcated on the basis of product type, solution and service, end use and geography. Global Mobile Content Distribution Network (Mobile CDN) market has been classified on the basis of product type into non- video CDN and video CDN.

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Consumers with high-speed internet connections always experience choppiness, loading lags and poor quality, especially when they are located far from the hosting servers or viewing live events.Content delivery networksdiminish latency problems that cause optimize delivery speeds, maximize available bandwidth and image jitters for each consumer. This in turn is enhance the demand of this product market in coming years. On the basis of solution and service Mobile CDN market has been segmented into mobile CDN solution and mobile CDN service. Content distribution network (CDNs) are very muchsignificant for mobile phone service operators as they can lead to avoid network congestion and significant savings.

In addition, the mobile users are expecting the same experience and quality they get on the wired devices includesimages, video streaming, pdf files, online gaming, e-commerce and applications others. These factors are increase the uses of mobile CDN which is turn as a major factor to growing this market demand during the forecast period. Moreover, global Mobile Content Distribution Network (Mobile CDN) market has been segmented on the basis of end use into education, gaming, advertising,government, media and entertainment, retail and healthcare among others.

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Across the globevarious automotive manufacturers such BMW, Audi and Mercedes among others has already familiarized such mobile CDN technologies in vehicles that offertraffic aids (congestion,traffic conditions such as accidents, diversions and road constructions) and accurate navigational to their drivers.This in turn is anticipated the demand of Mobile CDN Market in coming years. However, technological challenges, higher price for adoption and high quality of services is hindering the growth of this product market in coming years.

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