Motion Control Encoder Market boosting the growth through 2025

Encoders (rotary systems) are measuring systems for sensing the position, angle, speed, and velocity on machines. Encoders can electronically monitor the position of a rotating shaft. They provide position control in packaging, robotics, pick and place, lead/ball screw, rotary table positioning, and component insertion applications. Encoders are critical elements in a motion system, as they provide position and velocity feedback to the motion controller, enabling the controller to close the control loop.

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Brushless-DC (BLDC) motors, which are being used widely due to their efficiency and controllability. BLDC need the system controller to know precisely when to energize and de-energize the motor’s coils to maintain proper rotation. This factor fuels the demand for motion control encoder. Furthermore, the rise in production of vehicles and the increase in demand for lightweight vehicles are projected to boost the motion control encoder market during the forecast period. Accuracy is defined as the difference between the actual position and the ideal position. Industry in which use of automated technology increasing, need more of accuracy and speed to increase the production. Motion control encoders are useful in maintaining the accuracy and speed. So increasing demand of accuracy and speed lead to increase in the need and demand of the motion control encoders. Precision is also a factor for which use of encoder is increasing.

Demand for rotary encoder is rising due to the increasing demand for oil, and offshore drilling sites as rotary encoders are useful in maintaining the machineries healthy. Which ultimately help to face severe weather conditions and the constant risk of explosion. Increasing automation in industries has led to the requirement of accurate and precise electronic systems. Encoders are helpful in the industry for such automation. Self-driving vehicles utilize a considerable number of encoders for its automation features. Increasing demand for self-driving vehicles is anticipated to propel the production of encoders during forecast period.

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The motion control encoder market can be segmented based on operation, users/applications, method used to read coded elements, physical phenomenon, and geography.

Based on operation, the motion control encoder market can be segmented into incremental and absolute. Absolute encoder is an electro-mechanical device that converts the angular position or motion of a shaft or axle to an analog or digital signal. An incremental encoder is an electromechanical device that produces digital pulses in response to mechanical displacement. Nowadays use of incremental encoders is increasing due to it is good for simple pulse counting or frequency monitoring applications such as speed, direction, and position monitoring and it is cost effective than absolute encoder.

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