New Age of Face Recognition Systems with K-Eye

New Age of Face Recognition Systems with K-Eye

With the age of technology gaining impetus and advanced technology becoming ubiquitous, the need for more high-end equipment with better software is rising with every passing day. In this era of advancing technologies, Artificial Intelligence or AI is one of the core emerging technologies in the field of information technology. The leading companies in the IT world are competitively introducing advanced and new technologies, thus heating up the scenario more and more. Nevertheless, many artificial intelligence technologies mainly focus on the software and their operating seeds are comparatively low, thus making them not such a good fit for mobile equipment. Henceforth, many leading companies are shifting their focus and are investing on the development of semiconductor chips for administering artificial intelligence programs that would run at high speeds and need low power at the same time.

What is the research all about?

Professor Hoi-Jun Yoo led a team of researchers from the Department of Electrical Engineering and has also developed CNN Processor, which is a semiconductor chips that runs the artificial intelligence algorithms using ultra-low power. They also developed the K-Eye which is a face recognition system that uses CNNP. The system was developed with the collaboration of a start-up company named UX Factory Co.

The K-Eye series is of two types, namely a dongle type and a wearable type. The wearable type is the most distinct one as it can be employed with a smartphone through Bluetooth and it can run for over 24 hours using its internal battery. It can check information and access databases of users through their smartphones. The K-Eye series also carries other varied features such as the “Always-on” face detection technique, among several others.

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