New Configuration Combines Dual Fuel Combustion with Benefits of Hybrid Motors

Hybrid Motors

A team of researchers from the CMT-Thermal Engines Institute, the Polytechnic University of Valencia, suggests that a new configuration. This new configuration could bring in all the advantages of hybrid motors together with the technology of dual-fuel combustion.

Meanwhile, researchers in the Polytechnic University of Valencia are striving to obtain less contaminating yet more effective combustion engines. The focus of the research is hybrid motors.

 Outcome of the Research Draws Interest of the Vehicle Manufacturers

The first outcome of the research has been published in Applied Thermal Engineering, scientific journal. The results confirm the suitability to handle the future limits of carbon dioxide emissions and contamination for the transport sector. Additionally, the outcome of the research has drawn a substantial interest of several companies manufacturing vehicles for road-based transport. Transport companies like Volvo Group Trucks Technology and oil companies like Aramco Overseas Company have already participated in a project with the research team for the same goal.

Jesús Benajes is a researcher in the CMT-Thermal Engines, the Polytechnic University of Valencia. He said that the objective of the study was to evaluate the probability of combining two technologies to reduce contamination, hybrid engines and dual-fuel technology. The sole aim was to diminish the level of carbon dioxide emissions together with various other contaminants that come out from diesel vehicles. Such contaminants are soot, nitrous oxides and others.

Javier Monsalve is a researcher as well as an assistant professor at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. He is in the CMT-Thermal Engines department of the university. Professor Monsalve opines that through a combination of the electric engine and combustion engine, new freedom level could be achieved. There is a need to further delve into the findings of the research so as to optimize vehicle functioning, adds the professor.

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