New Framework for Controlling of Air Pollution

Air Pollution

A study by an international team has come up with a metal-organic framework offering a repeatable, totally reversible, and a selective capacity to catch toxic air pollutants and nitrogen dioxide. Fossil fuels and combustion of diesel produces toxic substances, says the team at University of Manchester who led this study.


it requires only air and water for conversion of captured gas into nitric acid for industrial use. The scattering of neutron is the mechanism that involves massive uptake of gas by the metal-organic framework. Such a step could lead to remediation technologies and air pollution control techniques that are cost-effective. Furthermore, conversion of air pollutants into nitric acid is an additional benefit of the framework. This nitric acid is used in the making of rocket propellant, fertilizers, and nylon.


The Material is Capable of Capturing Air Pollutants Even at Low Temperatures


The findings of the study published in Nature Chemistry, a renowned journal topics of chemistry. The newly developed material, called MFM-520, is capable of capturing nitrogen from the atmosphere at ambient temperatures and pressures. It is capable of doing so even at low concentration and at the time of flow. It can also do so in the presence of carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, and moisture. Irrespective of the extremely reactive feature of the air pollutants, the material MFM-520 is able to regenerate completely several times through degassing. Treatment with water from the air also regenerates the material. This process makes the conversion of nitrogen dioxide into a chemical immense industrial use, nitric acid.


Martin Schröder is a professor of chemistry, University of Manchester, the U.K. He is also the vice president of the university and lead author of the study. Professor Schröder said that there are a lot of potential producers of the metal-organic framework who want to recover the heavy investment that they made. These producers also want to earn profit from the production of nitric acid in the process, added Professor Schröder.

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