New Labels to Promote Startups in Boosting Clean Energy Investments

Clean Energy Investments

Recently, the pioneering solar flight foundation named Solar Impulse has launched a label named ‘Efficient Solution’ for the startups of clean energy investments and other related innovations, which can further demonstrate their profitability, in order to boost the investments in this sector. The clean energy innovations are comparatively high risk and yields low returns and they also take a long time to reach the maturity level. The complete idea of the label is that showcasing the financial impact of the environmental solutions that are expected to help in selling the concept of renewable and clean energy to several governments and other potential financial backers.

Dr. Piccard stated that they consider the climate change and consumption, they not only consider growth, comfort, and lifestyle. Furthermore, they stated that the fact is that the technologies that they make use of wasting half of the energy that has been produced. Most of the pollution is only because of the losses to the inefficiencies and waste of the systems that are in the use as of now.

In a conference they stated that he had already made use of arguments around job creation and profitability to convince the right-wing politicians in Switzerland, who are majorly against the environmental initiatives. Furthermore, by the end of 2018, Dr. Piccard have aimed to have selected around 1,000 recipients of the label, and the European Union is expected to help to reach around the target by identifying the most potential European Union funded projects. These new projects are estimated to be big step in promoting the clean energy Investments and projects.

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