New Materials Promise a Breath of Fresh Air for Smartphones


Do you find that smartphone batteries are really flawed in design? Not to disrespect the people who create these amazing devices – but they really are! These instruments heat up while doing the job they are supposed to? Doesn’t that show an inherent flaw in the design?

Some scientists at European XFEL set out to change the design in a unique manner. They introduced phase-changing materials to smartphones. These materials like tellurium, antimony, and germanium promise larger storage space for data. Additionally, these also allow smartphones to switch between crystalline and glassy material state. This development is ideal and can replace the next-gen flash drives in smartphones.

A New Direction

Earlier, studying data between the switch during crystalline and glassy state was not possible at an atomic level. The new study published in the Journal Science on June 14 promises to reveal new insights.

The team of researchers revealed that the chemical bonding powers higher processing and efficient data management. These researchers used x-ray diffraction to study atomic changes. During the research, the team collected more than 10,000 images that revealed the sequence of atomic changes.

During their experiments, the team found a faster cooling method to produce glass. The method allows for stronger formation of glass, which in-turn makes way for securing more information. The scientists led by Peter Zalden believe there is a greater need to move past the current capacity limits of storage spaces. Peter said, the new insights into switching process promises a more reliable and faster technology.

Advancements like these continue to promise a more robust future for smartphones. Additionally, there are plenty of other exciting promises for smartphones in the pipeline. For example, Samsung recently revealed that it was working with graphite materials to make more durable and long-lasting batteries. These batteries promised to offer nearly 30 days of use on a single charge.

Hopefully more innovation is just around the corner!

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