New Microsoft Technology – Evolve iMS – a Boon for Oil & Gas Companies

New Microsoft Technology – Evolve iMS – a Boon for Oil & Gas Companies

New dynamics technology from Microsoft has promised to increase the efficiency of oil and gas companies. Along the same lines, Evolve iMS (information Management Systems), an Aberdeen-based company was launched recently to help businesses transform how their processes are done and significantly increase their productivity. The startup aims to support not only the oil and gas companies, but also have similar efficiency plans for the construction as well as consultancy sectors.

Evolve iMS Has Tools to Enhance Performance

Evolve iMS promises to have the capability to improve how corporate firms deal with their customers, manages finances, inventory, and human resources, and provides support to the suppliers. It is a thoroughly privately funded company that has already garnered contracts worth of £200,000, and aspires to lead in the field of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions over the period of next three years. The company has tools that are needed to effectively log, analyze, and access critical data pertaining to businesses.

The company currently has only four people working for them, with another three to be recruited in the next three months. However, with significant number of contracts already in kitty and quite a few in the pipeline, Evolve iMS plans to hire more workforce over the period of six months.

Profitability Prime Focus

As per Clarke Shepherd, the director of the startup, technology is continuously evolving and large businesses much keep up in order to make the most of modern systems and processes. Via Microsoft Dynamics, firms will now be able to have greater control over their business, which in turn will enhance decision making, increase margins, and drive profitability.

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