New Projects Announced in Turkey to Ramp up Solar Power Generation

New Projects Announced in Turkey to Ramp up Solar Power Generation

Driven by a surge in generation of solar energy in the last five months in Turkey, the potential of the solar sector in the nation is poised to expand substantially in the coming years. Several solar power developers have recently announced a large number of upcoming projects related to solar power generation in various cities of Turkey. These projects will be sustained by numerous ventures and collaborations among government and private players and will include large contracts from companies outside Turkish as well. One of the ventures will noticeably focus on developing the first floating solar (FPV) power plant, the first of its kind in the country.

Slew of New Solar Ventures by Private Players

The municipality at Istanbul has intended to develop 5 MW of generating capacity at Kemerburgaz solid waste facility. In another major city, Izmir, Karsiyaki Municipality has announced to ramp up the solar power capacity to generate 4 MW from the current capacity of 1 MW.

Private companies are also actively partaking in this expansion spree. Ciragan 1 Enerji, has recently unveiled plans to build four solar plants of capacity 1 MW each on sites around Harran located in the city Urfa.

Commissioning Of First Floating Solar Power Plant Operational In Turkey

A municipality energy player, Istanbul Enerji, has entered into a joint venture with ISKI, a municipal water company. It has announced its plans to start commissioning the nation’s first floating solar power plant to be built on Buyukcekmece Lake, west of Istanbul. The plant commenced its operations on August 4, 2017 and currently stands at a capacity of 0.25 MW. The newly announced facility is being used as a pilot project to test the effects of the solar power installation on the ecology of various water bodies in Turkey

In another large venture, Kalyon Group, a Turkish conglomerate, has joined hands with the Hanwha Group, a prominent conglomerate in South Korea have commenced working on the plans to further develop solar power plant in Ankara’s organized industrial zone (OIB). The solar panels will be used to generate 1,000MW of energy by 2019.

According to Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK) solar power generation over the first five months of 2017 reached 844.5 GWh.

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