New Research by UEx Opens Doors to make Objects Invisible

Objects Invisible

Making objects invisible has always existed as a fantasy-based scenario. However, a recent research performed by UEx has thrown light onto the possibility of making certain materials by utilizing their electromagnetic properties.

Key Insights Into the UEx Research Work

With invisibility gaining a lot of research interest, the work undertaken by UEx promises is a key addition in this obscure domain. This research was published in Scientific Reports by the Nature Group. The study delves notably deep into making certain objects invisible by introducing special materials into their interior in the form of fillers. To do this, metamaterials were mostly used having high dielectric and magnetic constants.

At its earliest stages, the research was first inspired by a final year project belonging to two undergraduate students from the telecommunications department at UEx. The students, Alberto Serna and Luis Molina, first propounded the viability of using filler materials instead of external layers in order to make certain objects invisible.

Filler Materials Used Contrary to Circumventing Light Rays

According to researcher Alberto Serna, the idea to make materials invisible was taken from the H.G. Wells novel called ‘Invisible man’. Thus, contrary to what earlier research was carried out that involved bending light around fabric to make it invisible, the current research makes use of materials that can be injected into objects. The former method mainly consisted of making light circumvent the object in focus to decrease its visibility. The technique is called plasmonic cloaking, which makes the objects and fillers invisible together. In this manner, the object can be entirely made invisible from the interior portion, as compared to the earlier used method.

From an overall perspective, a lot of study would be carried out for facilitating commercial success, thus instilling an immense potential in the plasmonic cloaking technique in future.

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