New Smart Home System offers Energy-efficiency with Aesthetics

New Smart Home System offers Energy-efficiency with Aesthetics

With the advent of smart devices and smart textiles has emerged the concept of smart home technology. It allows homeowners to monitor and control appliances and systems such as lighting on a networked device. Further, the smart home ecosystem is energy efficient and offers owners a sense of security and comfort. Although security and comfort take precedence over everything, we cannot deny the need for a great design and aesthetics.

South Ural State (National Research) University (SUSU) is working on several student projects including “smart home”. The idea is to provide efficient energy consumption along with comfort, smart aesthetics, and a well-designed interior.

Usage of Renewable Energy Components to Burgeon the Project’s Growth

Professor Yevgeny Solomin said that the smart home system comprises renewable energy components such as wind and solar power stations. In addition to this, it includes energy saving devices smart meters and LED lighting. Amazon Alexa is one of the best examples of smart devices used in a smart home system. It acts as an assistant to the homeowner, they can command it to control other connected devices.

SUSU followed an interdisciplinary approach for their smart home development project. It started off with 5 students and has now gone up to 17. These students have varying level of training and come from different countries. This helps in gaining a fresh perspective on each aspect of the project.

Sergei Vaulin, Director of SUSU’s Institute of Engineering and Technology said that the project is set to grow commercially. Usage of renewable energy components has led to a great adoption of smart home technology. Further, SUSU is working on developing a smart courtyard with a surveillance system. These new developments in the smart home system will lead to a great digital transformation, thereby making our lives comfortable and easier.

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