New Technology in 3D Printing of food to Change our Food Eating Habits

3d printing of food

An associate professor at Ewha Womans University, Jin-Kyu Rhee in South Korea with his research team have developed a potential 3D printing technology for food production. In 2018, the annual meeting of the American Society for Molecular Biology and Biochemistry was held in April between 21 and 25 in San Diego. They said that, a platform will be built that will make use of 3D printing of food to create food microstructures which will allow body absorption and food texture to be customized at a personal level.

In addition to this, the research team is planning to design cartridges which will contain various ingredients in powdered versions that will be put together making use of 3D printing and cook according to the needs and preferences of the user. The 3D printing of food works similarly as 3D printing of several other materials in that layers of raw material which are deposited in order to build up the final product.

Furthermore, to offer customized food options, the ability of 3D printing of food at home at an industrial scale that will reduce the food waste and the cost that will be involved with transportation and storage. This will further help in catering to the rapidly increasing demand for food, owing to the tremendously rising population across the globe. The researchers is expected to make the use of prototype 3D printer in order to produce food with microstructures which will replicate the physical properties and nanoscale texture which will be observed in actual samples of food.

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