New Technology Biosensor to Monitor and Maintain Optimal Drug Levels

New Technology Biosensor to Monitor and Maintain Optimal Drug Levels

The robust development of the healthcare sector and the rising number of research and development activities have resulted in the introduction of several new devices across the globe. As each patient requires a specific dose of medication according to the way they process it, a new device has been introduced to detect the levels of medicines that are required. This device helps in keeping a check and control in real time over the drug levels in the body.

Personalized Medicines to Witness Growth with Advent of Biosensor

The biosensor that has been designed by a team, led by H. Tom Soh and Peter Mage from Stanford comprises of three basic components. A control system that helps in calculating the exact dose required, a real-time biosensor, which allows continuous monitoring of drug levels, and a programmable pump that helps in delivering the desired dose to the patient. As this is a new technology, a lot of research is required in order to ensure safe and effective delivery of drugs to patients. This step is expected to benefit doctor as well as patient to an extensive level and is considered as a major step towards the development of personalized medicines.

Miniaturization of Biosensors to Offer Promising Opportunities

A tremendous rise in the number of diseases across the globe and the increasing focus on healthcare development are anticipated to encourage the introduction of new technology. This technology is predicted to deliver the optimal dose to patients and prevent from the harmful effects of under or over dosing. Furthermore, the research team is expected to focus on miniaturization of devices in order to enhance their scope for implantation in patients.

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