Noodle Slitter Market – Provides Complete Analysis of Major Segments, Current Trends & Factors Driving Growth

Noodle slitters are primarily used in making raw noodles. It is used to cut the dough sheets into noodle strands of desired width with a slitter. A slitter machine is attached with rolling blades which cuts the dough sheets into dough lines. Slitters can be round, square, and special slitters which can be customized as per clients requirements. Size of the noodle slitter to be used is determined by the width of the noodles. For example noodle slitter machines of Shangbaotai Mechanical Science And Technology Co. Ltd. uses type 30 that gives noodles width of 1 mm. The history of noodle slitters dates back to the early 1950’s when the first slitter machine was introduced. Initially, noodle slitter machines had disadvantages such as poor quality of machineries, hygiene issues, lack of availability of spare parts etc. Today, modernizations in the form of technology has eliminated some of these primary issues. The advantage of a slitter machine is that it saves time, is easy to operate, and has less man power requirement. Furthermore, it provides uniform products in terms of size and quality.

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The global noodle slitter market is expected to be driven by increase in noodle consumption worldwide. This can be ascertained by the fact that 100.1 billion servings of instant noodles were consumed in 2017. Furthermore, changes in consumer lifestyle, preferences, and eating habits has led to the increase in ready to eat meals, thereby leading to growth in the noodle slitter market. Moreover, global noodle slitter market has been driven by addition of new consumer base, advent of new variants and flavors. As a result, both consumption and production of noodles has increased, thereby positively impacting the noodle slitter market. However, this industry requires high initial investments for those planning to set up a business. Requirement of skilled labor is another challenge that the industry is facing. Furthermore, emergence of many local players in the market with their substandard machineries have resulted in production of poor and cheap quality of products. However, this scenario can be changed by collaborating with the local players and coming up with unique and reliable designs that can make noodle making machinery highly effective. Government initiatives must be taken into consideration like technology import that can bring in more advanced and error free machineries.

One of the key trends in the noodle slitter industry is automation. A Japanese company, Sodick, has developed a continuous noodle slitter machine which has the facility of automatic replacement of noodle slitters. It is also equipped with a digital dial meter which enhances the accuracy of noodle sheet thickness. Broadyea Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd. is a Chinese company which is also manufacture continuous noodle slitter machine. Another key trend in the noodle slitter market is that manufacturers are customizing their slitter machines based on the demand of end customers.

The global noodle slitter market is segmented on the basis of application, noodles shape, mode of operations, and geography. Based on application, the noodle slitter market can be segmented into household and industrial usage. As per shape and size of the noodles, the market can be segmented into round, square, and special shape slitter. According to mode of operation, the noodle slitter market can be segmented into manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. In terms of geography, the noodle slitter market can be segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America.

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Some of the players in the noodle slitter market include Tokyo Menki Co. Ltd (Japan), OHTAKE Noodle Machine MFG Co., Ltd. (Japan), Euromac Costruzioni Meccaniche s.r.l (Italy), Polystar Machinery Co. Ltd. (Taiwan), Ningjin Hengshun Conveyer Equipment Co., Ltd. (China), Capitani SNC (Italy), J C Designs Pvt. Ltd. (Australia), Fuji Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Japan), and Sodic (Japan).

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