Nova Lifestyle Latest Enterprise to Adopt Blockchain Technology

Nova Lifestyle Latest Enterprise to Adopt Blockchain Technology

Nova Lifestyle announced on Thursday its plans to integrate blockchain technology to improve its brand image and business. The move comes with the aim of giving the US-based lifestyle products and services brand a chance to revamp its traditional furniture business. By leveraging this technology, the enterprise will be able to develop a platform that lets it sell other products and services as well. The recently launched is Nova Lifestyle’s latest offering and the company is currently working on integrating a loyalty rewards function to its furniture business by using blockchain technology.

After Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, IBM, Deloitte, and Tencent Holdings, Nova Lifestyle is the next big firm to adopt this technology to not just better their businesses but also improve their appeal for their consumers.

Integrating Blockchain to Improve Business Opportunities

Chief Executive Officer at Nova Lifestyle Tawny Lam is of the opinion that the company wants to make the most of the opportunities presented by blockchain technology, considering that this has been an incredible development in business. Using blockchain technology through the rewards-based system will emerge as just another way of helping the firm grow. Innovation is key to Nova Lifestyle and the company believes in adopting new and emerging technologies and setting new trends. By embracing this technology, the company hopes to up its revenue.

The decision to include blockchain technology into Nova Lifestyle’s business comes after the company recorded a whopping 2,000 registered entries for various classroom-based blockchain programs. Keeping this in mind, the firm opened up yet another facility to accommodate the surge of students. This new unit in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, is a reflection of the demand-driven expansion Nova Lifestyle has been experiencing.

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