Ocean Winds Capable of Powering the Entire World

Ocean Winds Capable of Powering the Entire World

Two scientists from California have worked out a plan about how the entire world can achieve a completely wind power-driven ecosystem without the need for installing massive turbines on every hilltop. According to the scientists, this can be done by taking wind farming onto the oceans as the force of winds blowing over high seas can be easily transformed into the amount of energy the world needs annually right now – nearly 18 billion kilowatts.

The scientists report that wind farms on land can deliver electricity as rates of 1.5 to 6 watts per square metre depending on the location. In an overtly hypothetical calculation, wherein winds are considered only a form of kinetic energy that can be exploited, the research states that ocean winds can produce much more electricity as compared to land farms as the speeds of ocean winds are nearly 70% more than those on lands.

While this research or other research studies of this level do not provide solid answer to the energy problems that the world is facing presently, it effectively estimates, yet again, the potential of a world that is completely driven by renewable sources of energy rather than fossil fuels that lead to massive pollution and increase the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Other groups of scientists, including at Stanford University, have backed up the results of the research study and have also extended it, providing a roadmap for around 140 countries out of the 197 countries who agreed in December 2015 to take serious measures to contain the global rise in temperature to not more than 2°C by the year 2100.

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