Online Sales Reach US$ 110.6 Billion Few Days before Christmas

Online Sales

Festival and shopping have always been synonyms of each other. Nowadays, only their means have changed.  Earlier people usually shopped through retail stores until e-commerce came into existence.  Nowadays, online sales is more convenient and it is not related to festivals only. As per the recent report, in this holiday season, people have shopped for about US$110.6 billion. People have spent 18% more than what they have spent last year.

Smartphones – A Tool That Boosted Online Shopping Drastically

Smartphones play a crucial role in online shopping as it provides a seamless shopping experience to the customer. Online shopping does not have any physical boundaries, restriction, and one can visit as many sites and platforms one wants to visit. E-commerce has opened the global platform for business where multiple players and customer can visits and shop as per their demand. Various department store retailer such as Walmart and Target are also investing in websites. With their online presence, they will be offering convenient delivery options or they will drop shipping fees. During this holiday season, the traffic in stores has been slightly lower than usual. Customer preferred to stay back and shopped online.

According to Adobe Analytics, U.S. told US$ 93.9 billion was spent since 1 Nov last year.  Adobe Analytics keep a track of web transactions of 80 of the top 100 internet retailers in the United States.  He further added that this season mobile transaction has reached US$33.3 billion. The growth is 57 percent more than last year. As per the predictions made by Adobe, the online sales this holiday season will reach at least $126 billion between Nov 1 and Dec. 31.

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