Orange Business Services Launching Trials to Expedite LTE-M strategy

Orange Business Services Launching Trials to Expedite LTE-M strategy

Several field trials have been launched all across Europe by Orange Business Services. These trials have been launched so as to expedite the company’s LTE-M strategy for supporting the development of IoT solutions. These IoT solutions will be developed for the enterprise market. The Orange Group’s B2B branch in Spain has started several tests with strategic customers and manufacturers of device and it is open system for participation. The B2B branch in Spain is the communication integrator of the Orange Group and it is anticipated to cover different sectors and applications. These applications will include smart cities, smart utility, and facility management.

Many Trials Being Held Ahead of LTE-M Network Launch

The provider is also soon planning to open an LTE IoT City in Antwerp, Belgium. This will be open for all customer pilots soon. The company will plan internal trials however, in France. These trials will be both technical and on usage aspects. These trials will begin soon this year. These trials are being conducted much ahead of the scheduled launch of the LTE-M network in 2018. The availability of LTE-M is a dedicated program to back the module makers and connected objects. Therefore the company is welcoming object makers in its Open IoT Lab” (compliant with GSMA). This lab is located at Orange Gardens.

The first equipment tested by Orange on its LTE-M network is rugged products from Ercogener, and this includes a u-blox module, designed for asset tracking, the Industry 4.0 use cases, and a GPS personal tracker. The GPS perosnal tracker has a waterproof casing and is designed by Meitrack.

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