Organic Solar Cells with Enhanced Performance and Efficiency

Organic Solar Cells

The inception of organic solar cells was a huge plus for the energy sector, but the problem of constrained efficiency always posed questions on the effectiveness of these cells. Over the past decade, solar cells with an increase in efficiency of over 10% have been come to the fore. However, this enhanced efficiency is also restrained by the thickness of the photovoltaic layer of these cells. Colloquially, the manufacturing and viable usage of these solar cells has transcended as an immensely complex process in recent times. To combat these problems in the manufacture of efficient organic solar cells, a team of researchers at UNIST’s School of Energy and Chemical Engineering has devices a novel technique for resolving the issues caused by the presence of photovoltaic layers on these cells.

Method to Produce Efficient Solar Cells

The use of a non-fullerene acceptor while layering the photoactive components of the organic solar cells helped in achieving 12.01% efficiency level. Furthermore, when the thickness of the photoactive layer reached a maximum range of 300nm, the new layer still managed to retain its optimal efficiency. The results of this research are projected to be a huge advantage for the manufacture of efficient organic solar cells and their commercialization in the contemporary times.


The researchers pointed to several advantages of these solar cells over conventional inorganic cells. While the inorganic cells possess high stability and exhibit high efficiency, they are expensive, inflexible, and do not last long. Owing to this reason, the demand for organic solar cells that are efficient, affordable, and long lasting is projected to escalate.

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