Peptone Powder Market Size, Current Trends, Opportunities Forecast to 2025

Peptone is a water-soluble complex which is derived from hydrolysis during the protein digestion process. It is an organic compound and an excellent source of organic nitrogen, peptides, and proteins in the growth of the microorganisms and cells. They are derived from various sources such as meat, casein, gelatin, soy, pea, wheat, potato, and other proteins. Peptones are obtained by partially break down of proteins either by acid hydrolysis or by enzymes into short peptides and amino acids. Peptone composition depends on the source of the protein and digestion process these factors determine the relative prevalence of amino acids and peptides.

Peptones are mainly marketed for the growth of microorganisms. In order to provide nutrients to microorganisms, proteins must be broken down into peptides and amino acids by hydrolysis using enzymes during the digestion process. The peptone derived from animal meat and milk which was digested by proteolytic digestion are popular in the market.

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Peptone Powder Global Market Trends and Market Drivers:

Peptone powder provides a wide range of benefits to the microorganisms due to its complex composition. The peptone powder is suitable for cell culture and is commonly used in the microbiological culture media. These versatile characteristics are driving peptone powder market demand. Peptone powder also various other applications such as peptone derived from casein is used in hair shampoo and hydrolyzed proteins are used in the electroplating process. Thus, market demand from other industries such as cosmetics is expected to grow over the forecast period. The plant-based peptones are becoming increasing popular in culture media as an alternative to meat peptones, due to the stringent regulations and diseases associated with animal-based peptone powders. This has given the boost to the growth of veg peptone market segment in global peptone powder market.

Peptone Powder Market Segmentation

Peptone Powder market can be segmented on the basis of its applications, type, and by regions.

The peptone powder market is segmented on the basis of its application into different industries such as food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, research institutions and other applications. Other applications include Diagnostics, Culture industries etc. Peptone powder is also used by microbiologist and scientists in veterinary institutes, hospitals, wastewater treatment plants, and pharma industry for research work. Thus market demand from these industries is higher. Furthermore, peptone powder is also used in the production of antibiotics, vaccines, and oral insulin through fermentation method and hence market demand from pharmaceutical industry is high. Animal free soy peptone powder and lactalbumin hydrolysates peptone powders are used for fermentation, culture media and vaccine stabilizers. Peptone powder is also used in other non-media applications such as electroplating, cosmetics and in special dietary products.

On the basis of type, peptone powder market can be segmented into microbial peptone, animal peptone, and veg peptone. Veg peptones are made from plant and grains such as wheat, pea and potato and no animal meat is used for its production. Plant-based peptones offer a new supplementation source with potentially strong performance characteristics. Market demand for vegetable derived peptone powder is more. Microbial peptone powder is majorly used in the microbial fermentation process. Veg Pectin is best known as a gelling agent and widely used in jams, marmalade, jellies, and fruit conserves, and market demand from the food industry and global ingredient and dietary supplement are rapidly growing.

Based on geography, the peptone powder market is segmented into Latin America, North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia-Pacific. Asia Pacific is a major exporter and consumer market for peptone powder as growing application in food and biotechnology industries.

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Peptone Powder Market Key Players:

The market for peptone powder is highly fragmented with a large number of regional and international players. BD Biosciences is one of the global leading producers of peptone powders and offers a wide range of meat peptones and animal-free peptone products. Some of the other key players which especially deals in business of Peptone Powder market are; Solabia, Kerry, Titan Biotech, Friesland Campina Domo, Guizhou Xinhua Biotech development Co.,Ltd, Ketai, Tianjiu, China Zhongshi Duqing Biotech Co., Ltd, Organotechnie, Fenglin, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Tatua, Biotecnica, Neogen Corporation.

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