Photoionization Detector Market – Lucrative Opportunuty Across Globe

Photoionization detectors (PID) are multi-sensor chemical detectors that are non-specific and has a gas-phase. These PIDs are used with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are identified as the primary class of chemicals. PIDs can also be punched with other gas meters, usually the one that detects oxygen, flammability, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide. Moreover, the VOCs used with the PIDs are organic with carbon containing chemicals that are highly toxic and exist in vapor form.

Photoionization detectors use a pump to draw uninterrupted stream of air into the sensor from where this sir stream in the senor is illuminated with the help of high-energy UV lamp. This diffusive model allows the VOC molecules to ionize into positively and negatively charged ions. These detectors are small sized but brings strong broad-band capabilities that lasts longer with constant monitoring of VOCs.

Moreover, PIDs constantly keep the personnel updated of any threats they are to face by providing an updated reading indication for the presence of the gas. PIDs measure the gas content in parts per million (ppm). Photoionization detectors are commercially available in the market with routine usage. These detectors are guide in detecting VOCs in soil, sediment, air and water. In addition, the PIDs are usually hand held equipment and offered in many lamp configurations.

The photoionization detector market can be segmented by ingredients, photon energies and applications. On the basis of ingredients, the PID can be further classified into iron, copper, paper and paper board and glass. On the basis of photon energies, the PID can be divided into up to 10.6eV and above 10.6 eV. Furthermore, the application of PID can be in oil & gas consumables, building and construction, medical devices, food and beverage packaging and water treatment systems.

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The geographical presence of this market is in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa and Latin America. The highest growing market is North America followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific region. Asia-Pacific is expected to adopt the market at an exponential rate due to the increasing adoption of the technological advancements in that region.

The market for PDS is slowly being grabbed by North America and Europe as they are early adapters of new technology and hence expected to witness steady growth during the forecast period.

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