Plant Growth Regulators Market – Evolution Opportunities, Demands, Size, Share, Trends, Industry Sales Area and Its Competitors by 2026

Plant growth regulators have sought extensive adoption in the modification of plant physiological processes that include regulating the plant metabolism and inhibiting or stimulating enzyme systems. Plant growth regulators also seek robust demand for the regulation of cotton metabolism. Growth in the textile industry across countries such as Turkey, Germany, Bulgaria, India, and China, is anticipated to create high demand for cotton, thereby driving adoption of plant growth regulators.

In a bid to ensure crop protection and curtail production costs, farmers are being compelled to opt new methods that include use of agrochemicals and organic farming, on account of increasing profitability concern. This will further create high demand for plant growth regulators, particularly in the agriculture-driven economies. However, robust foothold of fertilizers in the agriculture sector, which has endured for a long time, is likely to constrain demand for plant growth regulators to a certain extent. Stringent regulations pertaining to pesticides are also anticipated to restrain demand for plant growth regulators by shifting the farmers’ focus toward cost-effective, bio-based alternatives.

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Cytokinins to Lead the Market by Hormone Type

Adoption of organic farming activities has surged considerably in Europe, with larger availability of arable land for organic practices. This has further driven adoption of bio-based substitutes of fertilizers such as plant growth regulators. In addition, textile industry across European countries are witnessing robust expansion. On account of these factors, Europe is expected to remain the most lucrative market for plant growth regulators.

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Among various hormone types in the plant growth regulators market globally, cytokinins are likely to lead the market in terms of revenues through the forecast period. Cytokinins have been increasingly employed for as key phytohormones for inducing cell division in the plant shoots and roots, along with improving dormancy, cell enlargement, fruiting, and flowering in plants. Cytokinins are highly sought-after among various industrial sectors including cosmetic, agriculture, food, pharmaceutical, and biomedicine.

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