Possible Toxic Effects of BPA Alternatives under Test

Possible Toxic Effects of BPA Alternatives under Test

A few of the alternatives being used for bisphenol A, or BPA, may hold the potential to cause harm, especially in developmental effects. The Dutch study claims that some of the more common BPA alternatives currently hold very little in terms of conclusive medical studies regarding their possible harmful effects.

Largely Used BPA Alternatives Being Scanned

The researchers from Vrije University screened 100 cash receipts as well as 41 other types of papers, including boarding passes and movie hall tickets. Through the study, they found that the papers contain BPA and BPS as the primary chemicals present, as well as a list of other chemicals that were not reported prior to the study. The list contained BPA-MAE, TGSA, D-90, D-8, and Pergafast 201. As many as 50% of the receipts printed in The Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden are reported to contain D-8 and Pergafast 201. Both chemicals are complex structures that contain an added alkyl group.

Preliminary Tests Could be Insufficient

According to the researchers, the tests they made on zebrafish embryos show that the exposure to TGSA and D-8 could have abnormal developmental effects, very similar to the exposure to BPA. The team made use of the in vitro bioassay format to generate more information on the possible effects based on estrogenic levels. The overall results show little to no estrogen activity for BPS-MAE, TGSA, D-90, D-8, and Pergafast 201, as opposed to the effects of BPS and BPA. The top researcher for the team, Ana Ballesteros-Gomez, stated that it is imperative to check and conclude on the toxicity of all the chemicals being used with different bioassays, due to the fact that they are being used so widely as BPA alternatives. Preliminary tests can only yield limited results and more detailed tests are required.

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