PVC Tarpaulin Sheets Market 2018 Key Manufacturers, Revenue, Gross Margin with Its Important Types and Application

Growth in end use sectors such as building & construction, agriculture, automotive, and other industries are projected to drive revenue for the global PVC tarpaulin sheets market over the forecast period. Rise in the number of PVC tarpaulin sheet applications in transportation & logistics sector owing to its robustness & durability, are expected to fuel the global PVC tarpaulin sheets market. Also, PVC tarpaulins sheets form a key source of brand promotion. Moreover, the possibility of introducing an immediate alternative that could match the strength of PVC tarpaulin sheets in the market is considerably less. All this factors are expected to add to the growth of global PVC tarpaulin sheets market over the forecast period.

However, with time, even PVC tarpaulins sheets are bound to wear out and loses its waterproof capabilities resulting into wear & tear of this sheets. In addition, tarps often leaks at seams or around improperly attached grommets.

 Key Developments & Trends

The established market players that currently operate in the tarpaulin sheets market are looking to expand their market presence and gain a significant market share.

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For instance:

  • Since 2013, Tu Phuong Tarpaulin factory has been exporting Tarpaulin sheets to Iran, Myanmar, and is further citing business opportunities in Pakistan and other African countries.
  • The APEJ region with countries like China, South Korea, India and Vietnam are expected to be the leading manufacturers & exporters of PVC tarpaulin sheets. Countries in the APEJ region, such as China & India, have witnessed rapid growth in urbanization over the past decade.  Increased penetration of cement & ash concrete construction has enabled increase in consumption of heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin sheets.
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