Rapid-Sensing Device to Detect Eye Injuries Immediately

Eye Injuries

Eye Injuries and trauma becomes a reason for complete or partial blindness in a number of individuals, and there have been several efforts to diagnose, detect, and treat the problems that arise from such traumas. Researchers at the University of Illinois have found a method of quickly detecting injuries caused to the eye by means of a gel that contains gold particles. Ascorbic acid is present in tears that drop out of an injured or wounded eye, and the gel changes colour once it comes in contact with ascorbic acid. The researchers used artificial tears to test the levels of ascorbic acid in them by using this gel know as OjoGel. They also took clinical samples of patients’ eye fluids to test the authenticity of their results.

Advantages to Ophthalmology

The researchers expounded that the biosensors devised by them would help in post-operative detection and diagnosis of wounds in the eye. Furthermore, trauma patients could significantly benefit from this new type of sensors over the forthcoming years. This technology, being commonly addressed as OjoGel Technology is expected to help in swift diagnosis of eye injuries otherwise took longer to become evident.

Uses in Emergency Departments

The invention of a rapid point-of-care device could help doctors and medical staff in quickly effectuating treatments once the injury or wound is confirmed through this device. Furthermore, only a tiny teardrop is needed to detect an injury because the former comes in contact with OjoGel to and causes a change in color.

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