Real-time Marketing Software Market – Social Media Advertising Provides a Way to Grow

Real-time marketing software is a tool that aids in identification of an optimal or appropriate approach towards a customer at a particular place and time. It is a kind of inbound marketing and market research which is most suitable for a given sales opportunity, reversing the traditional marketing which aims at acquiring the right and targeted customers for a given preexisting offer. The dynamic, real-time decision making behind any particular offer aims to exploit a given customer communication which could be defined by verbal contact center conversations or web-site clicks.

The report not only offers an in-depth discussion on the various growth drivers for the global real time marketing software market but also discusses the main factors which are the probable cause of concern among market players. The different elements hindering or confining the development of the global market are discussed and furthermore, the strategies adopted by key players to overcome these difficulties to continue progressing in the market have also been provided in the report.

With the growing usage of internet, a large number of consumers are active on social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and others. Thus, these platforms could be potentially helpful to small & medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and large enterprises to interact with existing and potential customers in real time. Social media advertising provides a way for enterprises to engage with customers and enhance their brand image at the same time.

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With the growing interest of users in social media, enterprises prefer advertising their products on social media platforms. This aids performance tracking of the advertisements, which results in an increased return on investment. This is a primary factor boosting the market for real-time marketing software and is expected to showcase a significant growth over the forecast duration. The recent trends such as offers and sales promotions that include online coupons, promo codes, or a single-day deal can draw potential customers.

Geography-wise, the global real-time marketing software market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa and Latin America. Asia Pacific is predicted to see a swift growth pace due to the rising economies of China and India.

Europe is foretold to hold a substantial market share over the coming years. This is ascribed to the surge in demand for big data handling software in various organizations. Brazil has shown an impressive growth in real-time marketing software market followed by Latin America in recent years. Rising urbanization in both developing and developed countries is also resulting to the growth of global real-time marketing software market.

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