Reduced Food Portion to Resolve the Rising Obesity Concerns

Rising Obesity Concerns

A new research study has been published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which throws light on the benefits of the food industry on changing food product portion size so as to promote healthy eating across the globe. According to the research, the large portion sizes of commercially available food products are known to result in passive overeating, which is likely to be linked with the emergence of the worldwide rising obesity concerns. To resolve Rising Obesity Concerns, the public health bodies are currently requesting the food industry to reduce the portion sizes of the food products that they are selling.

Less Portion of Food to Change the Perception of Normal Food Intake

Dr. Eric Robinson from the University’s Institute of Psychology, Health, and Society are focusing on establishing whether the reduction in the food portion size will renormalize the perceptions of what constitutes a normal quantity of that food to eat and further result in selecting and consuming smaller portions of that food in the next few years. According to the researchers, it is quite uncertain from on how long the effect of this change will last. The effects that will be observed were comparatively larger when the research team examined food intake the next day in the labs than they observed the portion size preference a week earlier.

On the basis of all the research conducted, the three experiments have proved that being served a small quantity of food have resulted in participants making a change in their perception regarding normal portion size, and have finally helped them in choosing to eat less in the near future.

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