Reforming Unit Market shares and strategies of key players 2024

Global Reforming Unit Market: Overview

Reforming unit, also known as thermal reformer, helps run a catalytic process that converts low octane naphthas into higher octane reformed products. With the growing environmental concerns, the demand for higher octane reformates for gasoline blending and hydrogen for other refinery operations is escalating in order to meet the requirements for clean fuels. The byproduct of the dehydrogenation process, hydrogen gas, is useful for hydrocracking and other processes throughout the refinery. The other products of reforming are light gases and high-octane gasoline blended component called reformate. Consequently, the global market for reforming unit is projected for a healthy growth rate during the forecast period of 2016 to 2024.

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This report on global reforming unit market is an in-depth analysis of all the major factors that are expected to influence the demand over the course of next few years. It also highlights some of the trends in the market for the players to make most of the untapped opportunities. The report also contains a dedicated section on company profiles wherein several prominent players in this market have been analyzed for their market share, geographical presence, and recent developments. The global reforming unit market can be segmented on the basis of reforming process, into thermal and catalytic reforming.

Global Reforming Unit Market: Drivers and Restraints

Increased demand for high-octane gasoline and hydrogen gas as byproduct, are two of the primary driver for this market, besides the increased efforts of several governments for clean energy. On the other hand, the market is restrained by the challenge of maintaining the heater outlet temperature of the reactors, which is essential to ensure the quality of the end-products. An unscheduled shutdown of the reforming unit results in significant monetary loss to the company, as the output of other dependent units also suffer.

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A thermal reforming unit requires extremely high temperatures to operate, and offer residual products such as residual oil, gas, and gasoline, whereas a catalytic reforming unit utilizes catalysts to combine low weight naphtha, and convert it into aromatics, which are useful in blending gasoline and making chemicals.

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