Renewable Energy Power Plants Occupy More Space than Non-Renewable Energy Plants

Renewable Energy Power Plants

Despite the perks that come with the production of renewable energy, the space that is utilized for setting up renewable energy power plants is massive. In a recent research conducted by a team of environmental scientists, it has been elucidated that the generation of renewable energy necessitates a huge expand of land. The research mentions nine sources of renewable power including hydro, biomass, and wind to show that the space occupied by Renewable Energy Power Plants is much more than what is usually estimated. Although the space utilized for nuclear and natural gas is lesser than that occupied by the former, it is still quite large to take away from other industries. The basis of the aforementioned facts is that each type of fuel requires a different environment and space for optimization of energy.

Using Power Density as a Parameter

The amount of electricity produced by the deployment of one-square meter of space or infrastructure is known as power density. It serves as a key parameter to gauge the amount of space that goes into running a renewable energy plant. A total of 177 power density estimates have been made by the researchers at the University of Leiden in Netherlands. The researchers state that the results from their study can be applied to several other countries as well.

Future Research

It is anticipated that the energy sector would attain a market of practicality as the results from the study take shape. The researchers state that although the renewable energy plant occupy more space, they serve several advantages such as reduction in the pollution levels.

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