Research Opens up New Vistas for AI-powered Automation Systems

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A new research details how an automated system powered by artificial intelligence can lead to the efficacious production of lycopene. Lycopene is a red-color pigment present in tomatoes in abundance. The wide use of lycopene lies as a food colorant. This opens new vistas for its application in several biosynthetic applications. The study shows how an automated system can learn, test, build, and design complicated biochemical pathways to make lycopene.

This involved use of an entirely automated robotic platform with artificial intelligence to obtain biomanufacturing. The study uses Illinois Biological Foundry for Advanced BioManufacturing robotic platform.

Fully Automated Biofoundaries Pave Way for Smart Manufacturing

Huimin Zhao is a professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering from the University of Illinois. He has led this research on an artificial system powered automated system. Professor Zhao said that biofoundaries copy the functions of foundries that make semiconductors but there is a difference in their design. They are not made electrical systems but for biological systems.

The researchers claim that a system powered by artificial intelligence is able enough to choose from a wide array of experimental repetitions needed for actual automation. However, biology offers several pathways several pathways for chemical production.

Earlier efforts related to biofoundry have generated a wide range of products like engineered proteins and cells, fuels, and chemicals. However, research was not conducted in a completely automated way.

Professor Zhao opine that previous studies regarding the development of biofoundry emphasized only on anyone of the learning, testing, building, and designing elements. Nevertheless, researchers needed to do data analysis and planning for the next level of experimentation. He hopes that someday entirely automated biofoundaries would usher in a revolution in the smart manufacturing sector.

The outcome of the study published in Nature Communications, a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

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